Lambing in Sweden 2015

Jag skrivit ett till gästinlägg på The Felting and Fiber Studio, denna gång handlar det om fem lamm och en liten kyckling.

I have written another guest post on The Felting and Fiber Studio blog – this time about five lambs and a chicken.


Felting and Fiber Studio

Our guest author/artist today is Zara Tuulikki Rooke.  She recently shared the experience of shearing her sheep with a note that Spring will bring new lambs. So, today we share her experience of the birth of new lambs.

Spring has arrived (according to the calendar), which means the

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3 kommentarer till Lambing in Sweden 2015

  1. Leonor skriver:

    You must have had some few fulfilling days since the lambing, Zara! The little ones are just so adorable 🙂 How come they’re mostly black, is it the ram? I wear black all the time, so I’m loving those lambs, haha!

    • zararooke skriver:

      Our ram (Teddy) is mostly white, but the ewes are 50% Gotland, and Gotland are born black and turn grey. So these black lambs will probably turn grey before the end of the summer. However, the white markings on their heads are probably a trait inherited from the ram. I was surprized that Brittis (the white sheep) also had a black lamb, as she had white lambs last year. Perhaps black is in fashion this year? 😉


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